Flooring Contractors and Interior Services In Monterey & Salinas, CA and Surrounding Areas

Remodel the floor - Interior Design in Salinas, CA
Zion Floors Inc. doesn't just offer its products, we also offer a wide range of services throughout Monterey, Salinas, California and surrounding areas. Our knowledgeable flooring team can help you decide on the best layout and format of your home.

Zion Floors is a fast rising name in the flooring industry and have begun expanding to helping families best create a fresh and welcoming environment for their home.

Contracting Services

In addition to Interior Design, we can also execute design. Let us help you plan, structure, and remodel your floors. We're a full service company that can take your home from a dream to a reality. Give us a call today at 831-757-9466 to find out how we can help you.